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Even if you’ve already taken the step of minimising your printer use – by only making hard copies when they’re really needed – you can also find more ways to be responsible when using the printer. Also, consider printing on both sides of the page rather than using a fresh sheet for each – an option many printers are adept at dealing with for you, so you won’t even have to feed the paper manually. Printing is still an essential requirement of much day-to-day business, even in environmentally conscious workplaces where only the essential documents are printed out. While recycling bins remedy the issue to some degree, prevention is still better than treatment, and by taking time to preview documents before they are printed, you could spot errors before it’s too late.

The amount of waste paper produced by printing errors has long been of concern to environmentalists. With large areas of the Amazon rainforest and other valuable resources being cleared each day, it can be painful to see print-outs going straight into the waste paper bin due to lack of foresight. When your ink cartridge has run dry though, you should consider recycling it with the manufacturer, which could lead to discounts on your replacements too.Environmental concerns permeate many aspects of modern life, with concerns over climate change and deforestation growing cannabis packing Suppliers by the year. It’s not only paper you can save when printing more economically – you can also make your printer ink last a great deal longer.

. If you’ve never investigated the printing options available on your computer, take the time to click on preferences tabs and see whether you could enjoy the same results on the page when printing in modes that use less ink, such as draft settings. Holding off on replacing your printer’s ink cartridges could save you a great deal of money in the long term, and you will usually find that the cartridge has a lot more life left than it promises. If you are just printing pages of plain text rather than colourful images, draft settings could be ideal even for important documents, with no discernable difference to the average reader. The good news for those looking to go green in their home or office is that eco-friendly practices are often synonymous with cost savings, and way you can reduce the strain on the environment – as well as your wallet – is by changing your printing habits.