This profile cutting machine

The heavy duty shape cutting machine when working with oxy fuel can cut mild steel and low alloy carbon steel and when working with plasma, it can cut stainless steel as well as Cannabis Packaging Manufacturers aluminum.
As the heavy duty shaping machine is supplied with detailed pictorial spares selection chart, you can easily identify the spares.
While using this profile cutting machine you can fabricate the table on your own and save money as it is supplied with Plate Keeping Table Drawing.

If you are in search of excellent quality profile cutting machine manufactured under ISO 9001 certified quality system, you need to visit http://www. There are many benefits of heavy duty shape cutting machines, some of them are briefed below:-

The heavy duty shape cutting machine is easy to operate as it is an all aluminum hinge and is a right handed machine.Benefits of Heavy Duty Shape Cutting MachinesThe heavy duty shape cutting machine also known as the profile cutting machine can be used with Oxy Fuel as well as with Plasma Power Source.

This profile cutting machine does not have any PCBs, so no electronic burnouts while the machine is working.
This shape cutting machine has large speed range starting from 70 mm/min to 3000 mm/ the manufacturers of shape cutting machines, where all the information relating to profile cutting machines is available with excellent after sales services and 15 months guarantee even for electrical components. It helps in cutting any irregular shape of a metal with accuracy due to a magnetic racing roller which moves around a tin sheet template in the machine.profilecuttingmachine.
The plate loading becomes very convenient in heavy duty shaping machine because its cutting table can also be mounted in a pit. This shape cutting machine is used in large production applications and in multiple shifts.
The profile cutting machine enables quick job setting and faster production because it has X and Y axis which is known as dual slide mechanism.
This profile cutting machine can also be supplied with permanent magnet tracing head and the magnet is having 3 years warranty.
The heavy duty shape cutting machine is equivalent to CNC machine as its repeatability accuracy is plus minus 0.
As this heavy duty shape cutting machine has negligible maintenance and seldom breaks down, it is considered as a 95% mechanical machine.7mm.
The heavy duty shape cutting machine is considered of international standard as it can be supplied with NM/Ox weld or Victor nozzle system.
This profile cutting machine can be used with Oxy Fuel as well with Plasma power source and so it is also known as 2 in 1 heavy duty machine.
The heavy duty shape cutting machine enables flange cutting as well as single setting because it has tracing roller up and down lever.