The investment in this technology

The longer a virgin material is used, the higher viscosity and vice versa. It was alsopossible to reduce the average film thickness around 10%.Figure 5: the viscosity trend when passing from 40% to 60% flake.

.In bottle some cases, a decrease in viscosity to be observed when moving from one silo to another dryer.The new viscometer is also an advantage for the treatment of sensitive polymers such as polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide (nylon), etc. This is usually caused by moisture that has accumulated in the bottom of the silo.The unit comes standard with integrated control Peltier temperature for all systems of measurement.The following is a brief description PTFE Sheet Company Suppliers of the experience of a client who operates online Gneuss online viscometer to produce a sheet of PETthermoforming.In this case, the client performs a wide range of products composed of different proportions of flakes bottle (PET bottle regrind) and virgin material. By doing this, it was possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by 50%.Material composition, drying efficiency, the level of additive or reaction progress is easily monitored by following the melt viscosity.005 to 20 mNm and a temperature range from -10 ° to 120 ° C. After a few hours, the viscosity will be back to normal as the water content is reduced through the silo.This new unit is extremely compact and specifically designed to equip existing extrusion lines. It is also possible to see the changes in viscosity during the change of the (empty)raw materials from one manufacturer to another. The mechanism of yawning is very precise and adjustable by the user.SummaryGneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH has developed aNew on-line viscometer.

The investment in this technology has been recovered in just 6 months.The viscosity measurement is done in bypass: no loss of polymer.The Black Pearl is a range of angular velocity from 0.01 to 200 rad / s, a torque range from 0.Measurement systems use novel “quick capture” mounting technology.Because of the ability to monitor the viscosity, the client was able to introduce measures to conserve, against the value in the optimal range.Black Pearl viscometer RheoSystems ATS is a high-performance rotational viscometer capable of both steady shear and stress tests made robust, small footprint. Cone and plate, parallel plate and concentric cylinder measuring systems are included.Figure 6: The trend shows a change in the viscosity of a material Dyer silo to another. The viscosity decreases and after a few hours to its original level.Designed for performing both routine rheological tests such as single-point viscosity QC checks, to complex rheological evaluation for R & D, the Black Pearl examines the viscometer is suitable for mixing, stirring, and the characteristics of the flow process fluid systems.